Process Plants International Workshop in Coolumn

Workshop Services

Process Plants International operates a state-of-the-art maintenance workshop at Coolum in Queensland’s South East region.

The workshop specifically supports equipment used in process plant environments and specialises in valve maintenance, repairs and modifications to enhance performance. 

The workshop is fully equipped with an overhead crane, machine shop, oxygen cleaning facilities, general welding and fabrication and hydrotest equipment. Our state-of-the-art valve assembly clean room caters to assembly of valves used in highly sensitive pure oxygen environments and all other sensitive control valves. The clean room incorporates the latest in Metrology measuring equipment which has the capability to 3D scan and measure any component to assess its rate of wear or to establish baseline measurements for re-machining.

Our team performs overhauls on all manner of valves and actuators as well as performing all weld repairs and machining to return valves to OEM specifications or to modify them for enhanced performance. We have extensive access to spare parts for a large range of valve manufacturers and have established ourselves as the Authorised Service Agents for many of the industry’s leading valve suppliers.

Extensive Inventory

Process Plants International also holds spare parts for a wide variety of valve manufacturers.

We provide Vendor Stock Holding inventory for our clients whilst they are undertaking major maintenance shutdowns. We provide the space, the inventory control and the reporting to ensure your shutdown has what it need when it needs it.

Spares can either be installed in the equipment in the workshop or kitted and staged and sent to site ready to use in the shutdown.

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Function Testing and Leakage Testing

Process Plants International has the equipment in-house to stroke test and calibrate most valve control systems. We can combine this with our seat leakage bench testing to accurately and effectively set up your valves to ensure they are functioning to the relevant valve standard specified by our clients.

We understand that critical control valves are a key component in a complex operating system. Our post-overhaul testing and reporting ensures that you receive a fully compliant valve delivered to your plant ready to install. We can even deliver and install it.

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