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Maintenance Services

Maintenance is at the core of what PPi does. Complex process plant shutdowns are in our DNA.

PPi can deliver outstanding results under any conditions and do it safely and efficiently.

Process Plants International continues to perform process plant shutdowns almost every day of the week somewhere in the world; whether it's Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, Australia or Turkey you will find a PPi team hard at work.

PPi takes an integrated approach with our clients. We leverage off your progress to date to build a successful outcome. We assign engineers, planners, supervisors and the best tradesmen in the world to ensure we can deliver success every time.

PPi takes the time to understand your site requirements and budget, and will work with you to build a team that you need to get the job done. Understanding local laws and skill availability to ensure we are leveraging off what’s available and what can be built as a sustainable framework going forward.

Multi Disciplinary Teams

Process Plants International achieves outstanding results in its shutdowns by engaging multi disciplinary teams that each work together to bring about a seamless maintenance outage.

We build our teams from local and international work groups depending on the site requirement and work scopes.

We focus on clear scopes of work that are built into fully developed work packages for field execution.

We ensure every aspect of the outage is planned so there are no surprises. 

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