Who We Are

Process Plants International [PPi] was founded in 2010 by leading industry specialists in the fields of Chemical, Process and Maintenance Engineering. The objective was to close a wide gap in the industry by offering a specialist single source service provider to global resource commodity organisations.

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Who We Service

PPi is a single source service provider to companies operating, or intending to operate, technologically advanced processing plants. Our clients have engaged us in countries across the world; Australia, Laos, Madagascar, PNG, New Zealand, Turkey, USA, Finland and New Caledonia.

Oil & Gas Capbabilities

Why is PPI Different?

We identify the need before you know it's required! We'll work you to develop solutions, and will manage the task from concept to completion using in-house engineering and trade expertise to “make projects work”. PPi is focused on making your project a success.

Commisssioning PPi

Our Mission

Our mission is always to build integrated business-partner working relationships.

We do this by being directly engaged and embedded into our clients’ organisation. PPi will demonstrate this commitment by donning our clients’ uniform where required. Where others are engaged to support specific hard-lined development phases, our approach is to support our clients continuously across all project phases.

This approach ensures a smooth transition of critical start-up knowledge with our stakeholders.

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PPI Valves

PPI Valves is a unique service to the hydrometallurgical, oil and gas and minerals processing plant industries, which addresses many long standing equipment reliability issues.

PPI Valves offers comprehensive processing plant maintenance services focusing on:

  • valve and pump maintenance
  • pipework fabrication
  • exotic welding
  • engineering design
  • process optimisation
  • equipment procurement, and
  • industrial shutdown management.

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Over 25 years experience

Our personnel have been involved with project phases from design through commissioning.

We have an International Footprint

We specialise in the design, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of complex mineral processing facilities.

We value our clients

Our mission is always to build integrated business-partner working relationships.

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